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How to Star Fit

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Star Fit is a tool that helps you when planning events with friends or coworkers. You just create an event, enter your preferences, send it out, and see what the best time is according to STAR Voting!

See below for detailed steps of how to Star Fit your event.

Step 1

Use the form at starbestfit.com to make a new event. You only need to put in the rough time period for when your event occurs here, not your preferences.

For example, we'll use "Jenny's Birthday Lunch". Jenny wants her birthday lunch to happen on the same week as her birthday, the 15th of April, but she knows that not all of her friends are available on the 15th. She also doesn't want to do it on the weekend.


Jenny also knows that since it's a lunch event, it can't start before 11am or go any later than 5pm.

Step 2

Enter your preferences for the event you just created.

In our example, Jenny now puts in her preferences for her birthday lunch. She most prefers having it on Thursday, her birthday, so she marks all times on Thursday as 5 stars. For other days, she prefers a lunch close to 12pm, so she marks 11:30am to 2pm as 4 stars. She has commitments after 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and before 1pm on Friday, so she leaves these times as 0 stars, and marks everything else as 2 stars.

Hover or tap the calendar below to see preferences, and click to copy details about a time slot

Step 3

Send the link to everyone you want to come.

After Jenny has sent the link to her friends and waited for them to also fill out their preferences, she can now easily see them all on the heatmap below, along with the best time for her desired event duration!

In this example, 1pm on Friday the 16th is the best time for a 1 to 3 hour event.

Hover or tap the calendar below to see preferences, and click to copy details about a time slotClick the names below to view people individually

the best time is April 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM

April 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM and April 16, 2021 at 2:00 PM scored the highest with 4.2 stars and 4 stars
Between these two finalists, 2 people preferred the best time, 1 person preferred the next best time, and 2 people expressed no preference

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